Uncover real behaviour, not opinion

David Ogilvy once said ‘the problem with market research is that people don't think how they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say’.Read More

How often have you crafted the ultimate customer experience only to be disappointed that all your efforts have been for nothing? Tired of the limitations of traditional market research, we created a system that removes uncertainty by replacing questions and opinions with observations and facts.

We’ve created an innovative audience research framework that uses data and behavioural science to help our clients understand the what, where, when and why of customer behaviour.

Instead of linear insights, DO Research uncovers not just ‘share of voice’, but ‘share of life’ for brands, developing unique actionable insights by connecting the dots between your customer’s thoughts, needs and behaviours that’s all GDPR compliant. Imagine what your business could achieve if you understood what customers are really thinking and doing rather than what they want you to see and hear?

DO Media

Delivers content contextually

By combining content and context for the first time in real time, we are redefining what Customer Experience or CX means. Read More

“If content is king, then context is checkmate.”

By combining content and context for the first time in real time, we are redefining what Customer Experience or CX means.

Welcome to Mirrors. Mirrors is an AI that uses computer vision to watch and understand the content of video - scenes, people, faces, emotions, and logos and uses these to trigger contextually-aware adverts. By placing adverts that are in line with the video content users are actively engaging with, organisations can capture their users’ attention in the moments that matter.

Mirrors couples AI with computer vision for context relevant video ad placements, without collecting reams of personal data. Maximising performance for your video campaigns, while ensuring GDPR compliance.

What this means for you

Mirrors not only targets highly relevant content, but also filters out video content featuring unsafe and harmful contexts. Providing you with controls unique to every campaign, ensuring a highly relevant and safe environment.

Data Organica is the only company offering Mirrors for Australian audiences. Contact us to understand how our customers have benefited from a 60% uplift in video through rate (VTR), a 40% drop in cost per view (CPV) and a 2-times uplift in click through rate (CTR).

DO Health

Where science meets creativity

At Data Organica, we’ve proven that storytelling is a powerful tool to drive behaviour change in the health and wellness space. Read More

On offer at DO Health is access to experts that understand medical science, data, psychology and creativity to create content that connects with audiences at every level. Ask us about our expertise in:

  • Healthcare research
  • Strategic promotional material
  • Continuing education/professional development (CME/CPD) material
  • Literature research and report writing
  • Meeting coverage, including reporting and KOL liaison
  • Health and wellness journalism
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Media buying
DO Consulting

Extracts value out of data

With digital and advanced technologies constantly disrupting the playing field, it’s never been so challenging for businesses to keep pace. Read More

Success demands strategies and technology capabilities that adapt as quickly as the shifting global landscape and support your organisation to anticipate change and stay two steps ahead. This is what Data Organica's professionals are uniquely able to deliver. With deep market insight coupled with world class strategic thinking and state of the art technology solutions, our services empower your business to chart a new course, unlock new value, and drive transformative results.

Whether your organisation is priming itself for organic growth or striving to identify advantages through analytics and artificial intelligence; whether you need to drive shareholder value through efficiencies and cost-transformation or are seeking to improve decision-making; whether you need new vision in the C-suite or a new approach in the data team —Data Organica's strategy, analytics, and data teams will help propel your organisation to where it needs to be to win.

DO Recruitment

Puts people first, not profit

We are specialists in data recruitment, with extensive experience in both permanent and contract placements across a broad range of industry sectors. Read More

For us, a human-centred approach means we are polarised against opinion, status quo and information hoarding but simply put, we believe success links to people, not profit. Put us in charge of your recruitment strategy for your data team, covering interviewing, running skill testing and ongoing mentoring.

We pride ourselves on truly partnering with your business to understand your organisation, the industry in which you sit and the recruitment challenges you face.

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